Interstellar movie had an Odd Ending!

The movie is very good when it comes to the story part. World coming to an end. People have no choice but to look for another alternative planet. That’s good enough. But ending was a bit far fetched.

I can get that there was a space hub of some kind working in 5 dimensional space and time where gravity could travel through time and let the guy send a coded message to his daughter. I get that part. But what I don’t understand is that how in the world would his daughter figure out that the ghost was actually her father in the future or in the past or whatever!

How can she figure out right away that the watch has some kind of a coded signal that she can translate from binary and solve equations out of it?

Okay even if she did that. That’s fine by me. But, the quantum data that they collected from the other planets, I don’t think that has the answer to the gravitational equation that scientists were trying to solve for so many years.

Now that’s a conundrum that can’t me explained and doesn’t make any sense.

Another thing,

When Cooper comes to see his daughter and she has a whole bunch of family people standing around. They give him space and and time to talk to her but no one actually comes forward to talk to him! Now that’s their great great grand father from the past that actually helped her save the world and human race! No one cares about him and lets him go!

That’s it right? He doesn’t even wait to figure out the exact coordinates for where Amelia would be. Doesn’t plan any flight pattern, fuel, nothing. No planning required. It’s like taking a car out on the road and doing things on the way!

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