Reasons why GTA story mode is never going to have dlc …

Rockstar has experimented enough with online. They have set it up so that people play the multiplayer and keep on buying new expensive items.

So rockstar keeps on making the money.

This is the easiest most inexpensive way of making money.

Obliviously for story mode they are going to pay for more actors, for sets and everything.

now that GTA 5 is a huge IP. They know that actors are going to demand more money out of them as well. So we can pretty much say goodbye to Mr Michael, Trevor and Franklin. I am sure they would love to work. But no rockstar actor has ever made it to the next game or even dlc.

It’s going to be the same thing here. Sure there’s one mission where Trevor is involved and a few more connected to lester but that’s it.

Even the heist missions are so limited that we’ve completely forgotten about them.

Lamar missions were actually a part of the game which were not made available at the time so they used them online.

Rockstar is going to milk the online multiplayer as long as they can with new cars, planes and adversary modes after that they are going to pull the game back. No updates nothing like that.

Next game? Oh yea there will be a next game when the profits from GTA 5 online start to dwindle. And right now I can assure you … they are making loads and loads of money.

Because many people would go ahead and buy shark cards. As long as shark cards are selling, the big yacht in the ocean for rockstar is going to keep on sailing. And you know what? There aint going to be any 25000$ fee to change the location of the
yacht either.. for rockstar everything is free and accounted for …

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