4 Easy Guidelines on How to Stay Positive (For Sticky Situation)

Environmental and sociopolitical conditions in recent years did not look very good, not to mention financial, business and economic issues. Many things can drown us in a valley of depression. The most important is how to stay positive in this situation.

There are various ways to stay positive even if conditions are not possible, but often these methods are subjective. This time, we will look at some more general and certainly effective ways to stay positive.

Be Grateful

Be Grateful
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If you always feel depressed or jealous of the success of others, maybe you are not too grateful for the things that are happening to your life. It has become human nature to always want more, but knowing the limits of yourself is also good for mental health.

Think carefully, what have you got so far and many other things that not everyone can get. If you are depressed or jealous, look at the people below you and you will feel better.

Change your perspective

Having bad feelings often results from the saturation of our brains that receive the same things over and over again. Try once when you change your perspective, so you know something other than what you normally receive.

How do you change perspective? The easiest way is to communicate with others and listen to them tell stories. Life will soon be better that way.

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise
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The number of negativity in our brain can sometimes affect the way our body works. Laziness, unmanageable eating habits, and extreme fatigue are the effects of your sadness. For that, you must fight it.

Start making a light workout pattern, just to get you in the game. Familiarize yourself to continue training your physical abilities whenever you are mentally unwell. Many studies say regular exercise is also able to stimulate the appearance of endorphins.

Gather with your friends

One of the best ways on how to stay positive is to share happiness with the people you care about and love you. These people can be anyone, parents, our spouses, or childhood friends.

Choose time and place of gathering, so your happiness can be more exciting and lively. The number of people you meet can also vary, but more friends will lead to better positive atmosphere.

Give up and see the results

There is a saying that goes, “you can choose A, B, or not choose both of them, and let all of them happen. Being abstain is also a choice”. The point is, if you are trapped in situation that’s not too good, you can surrender and let everything happen.

For a glance, these tips may sound a bit contradictory. But, sometimes you also have to free your mind from all the assumptions when choosing something. By not choosing anything, you can still fight for your argument without worrying about being stagnant.

Those are some common ways on how to stay positive in negative conditions. Protect yourself and your soul from the negativity attacks out there by preparing a dash of positivity in your heart.

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