5 Small Steps to Incite Positive Self Talk (For Your Mental Health)

Have you ever felt much failed in life? Want something but always can’t reach it? Or feel always exhausted whenever faced with difficult things? If so, maybe you are dealing with symptoms of lack of positive self talk.

If you have ever watched cartoons on TV, where the character has an angel and demon entity on his shoulder, our minds actually work the same way. Unfortunately, the negative side of humans is easier and talks more often than the positive one, which we will change this time.

Acknowledge Your Inner Voice

Acknowledge Your Inner Voice
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Not many people like to realize their inner voices for fear of being thought of as a crazy person, which is actually something wrong. Everyone has an inner voice and acknowledging it helps you to know yourself in full.
That’s why this step is very important.

The best way to recognize the inner voice within us is to be silent in a room with a calm and comfortable atmosphere, and let your mood flow by itself. Some people might cry, get angry, or even joke. Get to know your mind.

Focus on your negativity

Once you know that there is a voice inside you, recognize what negative inner voice is like. Map what your inner voice says then create boundaries for it.

Recognizing and making boundaries is important, so the negative side remains organized. You cannot eliminate negative side entirely, because it is to balance mental health. All you can do is suppress it.

Maintain your positivity

Now is the time to develop your positivity to become a better person. If you stay in a quiet and calm room, start saying these few sentences in your head:

  • You are enough
  • You are beautiful
  • You are worth it
  • All those problems will pass
  • Don’t worry
  • It will always be okay

Say some of the above sentences over and over earnestly, just like if you say it to your family or loved ones. By saying the positive self talk, you will provoke positive thoughts to come out and begin to react.

Plan your move

If your mind is filled with positive sentences, you can now head on with your previous negative thoughts. Defeat these negative voices by doing careful planning related to the things you feared before.

The planning process will run smoothly as long as you don’t let negative thoughts dominate you. Just focus on good things that happen when you are managed to do the job.

Appreciate Your Life

Appreciate Your Life
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Success or failure of the method above, you must begin to realize that something changed within you. You are now starting to know, appreciate, and even arrange the voices in your mind. If you succeed, you can even use it to motivate yourself.

After doing a lot of effort to change yourself for the better, there is nothing wrong if you begin to appreciate yourself about the achievements that have been made. Now you can change yourself to be more positive thanks to the positive self talk that you have done.

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