4 Fabulous Rustic Bedroom Ideas (Top Inspiration Style)

The term rustic has strong affinity with nature, wood, rural, and countryside. To know more about rustic bedroom ideas, you need to explore what decoration look like in real rural community. Of course, there are ton of ideas for it.

The real rustic design tends to look quite unsophisticated. All sections in bedroom use plain wood with dark brown and nature pattern. This is what you get when visiting farmhouse. However, rustic is interesting idea to apply with slightly modification.

Rustic For Minimalist Bedroom

Rustic For Minimalist Bedroom
Image Source: digsdigs.com

For your information, you can apply rustic decor as a part of small bedroom ideas. Start from small things without changing the entire bedroom design. Follow the below steps to implement this style.

  • Put wood furniture.
  • Add wood as floor tile.
  • Use wood-based pattern for wallpaper.
  • Give additional rural style window.
  • Bring shade and lighting fixture with medium brown or dark accents.

Anything resembling wood is the key in this style. It is basic, but you can customize and adjust with bedroom situation.

Modern rustic

Modern rustic combines two aspects in single decor. You can add rustic with modern touch. Well, minimalist is the real example of this style, but there are many things to explore.

Start from using modern bed with plain color, such as white. To bring rustic style, change additional furniture with wood material. You can still keep the wall and floor with plain modern design.

Further design for rustic bedroom ideas can be seen from the way you choose material composition and color choice. Keep in mind that having wooden furniture does not have to look like nature pattern. Modern furniture uses finishing covering the real pattern.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Farmhouse idea is what you should choose when applying original rustic style. The entire room is not just wallpaper, but completely rustic material. It might be wood or brick without modern finishing.

To decor this style, you need preparation. Make sure the bedroom has enough windows to bring nature feeling. Farmhouse tends to have less privacy because of many accesses to enter room. This is personal choice if you want to put this style without alteration.

Using farmhouse requires more space in order to put necessary furniture. That’s why only home in suburban that afford to have it. You might not find it in apartment or urban residential area.

Classic Style With Rustic Touch

Classic Style With Rustic Touch
Image Source: animalfactsblog.com

Classic and rustic styles have different perspective, but it’s elegant to put together in single room. Rustic will make classic concept looks older. In fact, you can put this style to refer the old one.

Everything starts from the way to choose furniture. In past era, metal was rare and wood was the most common material for furniture. Therefore, you can choose furniture with wood, but have carving with old pattern.

Furthermore, you can change the entire room decoration with wood or stone stile for flooring. Give your wall a rustic touch with wallpaper and furniture. That’s where you apply rustic bedroom ideas in classic design.

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