2 of one of the most Attractive Mosques in the World and also the Pictures to Confirm It

Anyone who’s had the opportunity of traveling in a Muslim-majority nation like Azerbaijan or Tunisia can inform you concerning just how sensational Islamic design worldwide can be. Whether you’re checking out the famed Blue Mosque in Istanbul or the much less went to Blue Mosque in Yerevan, stepping into a mosque for a non-Muslim is both educational and also spiritual. Below are several of the most lovely mosques in the world, with traveling stories and accompanying the images of mosques to assist you plan which ones you intend to visit.


While a lot of travelers intending a European vacation may not think to consist of a mosque on their itinerary, Europe is loaded with enchanting and gorgeous mosques, mirroring a difficult background between Christianity and also Islam.

Et’ hem Bej Mosque in Albania

Situated just off Tirana’s main square, Skanderbeg Square, you’ll locate a mosque that deserves seeing– the Et’ hem Bej Mosque. Besides being attractive, one of things that made this mosque so unique to me is that it was the first mosques I have actually seen that I had the ability to go within, but also those that have actually checked out several mosques will certainly want its background as well as design.

Constructed between 1793 and also 1821, the building was started by Molla Bey and after that finished by his kid Haxhi Ethem Bey. The mosque is elaborately enhanced both throughout by a few of Albania’s masters with vivid paints of renowned Footrest cities as well as floral themes. Outside and also in the walkway, you’ll find frescoes portraying trees, falls, and bridges– themes not often seen in Islamic art sholat jamak.

Unlike many other spiritual websites, this mosque was conserved from demolition during the atheism projects as well as became a museum. The resuming of the mosque in 1991 was the first indication of the transformation that at some point toppled the communists and the mosque is currently among the oldest structures in Tirana.

Today it still provides spiritual solutions and site visitors are welcome to go inside to see, though not throughout petition times. As with all mosques, site visitors are needed to clothe modestly, remove their footwear, and girls are needed to cover their heads. If you don’t have a scarf of your very own, they will certainly supply one.

After visiting the mosque, look at the spots clock tower alongside it, constructed during the Footrest period to educate individuals of the prayer times. Till lately this was the tallest framework in Tirana, as well as today is a sign of the funding.

The Cordoba Mosque in Spain

The Cordoba Mosque is just one of the most lovely buildings in the region of Andalusia in Spain. It is taken into consideration to be one of the best examples of Islamic design in the world and also is a photographers dream. Not just is it an attractive building, it has an extremely interesting history.

Chroniclers believe the site initially housed a Roman Holy place after that was transformed to a church in 572 by Visigoth intruders. At one time the complex was both a church and also a mosque. In 1784 the entire complicated ended up being a mosque. The mosque was entirely restored as well as increased over the next 200 years. Throughout this time framework, the unique red and white columns were included in addition to the courtyard which still contains ancient orange trees as well as bell tower (that was officially the minaret). Somewhere around the 1200’s (during Spain’s reconquest), the Mezquita was changed back into a church and in the 1600’s a huge sanctuary was plopped right in the center of the complex. Luckily, the mosque and the church mix well together in an uncommon association.

What I enjoy so much concerning this mosque (besides the photogenic red as well as white columns and also intricate craftsmanship) is the way the religious beliefs mix together. The mihrab is a lovely work of art and also the cathedral is fantastic. The courtyard makes a beautiful location to take a break with views of the minaret/bell tower. It’s an amazing structure in the center of the definitely lovely andfamily-friendly city of Cordoba.

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